AFN : Certificate for Regenerative Grass-Fed Beef Production


American Farmers Network (AFN), leading domestic grass-fed beef producer in the United States, is paving the way for the certification of regenerative grass-fed beef production. With approval from the USDA to use the Regenerative Agriculture claim on their packaging, AFN strives to establish transparent and trustworthy choices for consumers within the beef industry.

Sanin Mirvic, CEO of American Farmers Network, emphasizes their commitment to spearheading the regenerative movement in the United States. AFN aims to work alongside various regenerative alliances and organizations to define and strengthen certification criteria, bridging the gap between philosophical and practical methods to enhance credibility and trust amongst stakeholders.

This collaboration between AFN and third-party certifying organizations is a significant step towards establishing concise standards for certification within the beef industry. By drawing upon the principles of regenerative agriculture, which prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare, AFN intends to provide consumers with ethically produced and transparent options when it comes to meat choices.

AFN firmly believes that better meat should be accessible to everyone and plans on introducing a certification seal accompanied by rigorous audits. This certification will allow consumers to confidently make ethical choices when purchasing meat products. AFN also aims to continue their collaboration with retail, food service, and institutional partners to make regeneratively raised beef widely available to consumers across the nation.

Through strategic partnerships, AFN hopes to incentivize more producers to adopt regenerative farming practices, ultimately creating a sustainable and ethical agricultural landscape. The certification criteria will encompass various aspects of beef production, including grazing management, soil health, animal welfare, and social responsibility. Ranches that meet these criteria will receive formal certification, differentiating their products in the marketplace as examples of sustainability and ethical standards.

Visit AFN’s official website at to learn more about their sustainable farming initiatives. American Farmers Network excels in utilizing sustainable and regenerative practices, prioritizing the health and well-being of animals, the environment, and the community. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality, delicious meat while ensuring animal welfare and maintaining transparency throughout the entire production process.

  • What is regenerative agriculture?
    Regenerative agriculture focuses on improving soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare. It aims to create a sustainable and resilient agricultural system that benefits both the environment and society.
  • Why is the certification criteria important?
    The certification criteria help establish clear standards for regenerative grass-fed beef production. It ensures transparency, credibility, and trust for consumers and stakeholders within the beef industry.
  • How can consumers make ethical choices?
    Consumers can make ethical choices by looking for the certification seal backed by rigorous audits. This seal guarantees that the meat they purchase meets the standards of regenerative grass-fed beef production.
  • What are the benefits of regenerative farming practices?
    Regenerative farming practices promote soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare. They also contribute to reducing environmental impact and creating a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system.


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