The Latest Insights for Success: Access Craft Advisory Council Releases New Chapters


The Access Craft Advisory Council, a part of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), has recently launched Volume 03 of the Distribution Playbook, offering invaluable trade insights and information for craft brands in the wine and spirits industry. This comprehensive playbook, which can be downloaded for free, provides a unique perspective on the strategies and tactics necessary for craft, startup, and small production brands to thrive in the competitive U.S. marketplace.

The latest volume of the playbook, consisting of over 120 pages, features contributions from leading craft brand owners and distributors. These experts share their best practices, tips, and success stories, both on- and off-premise, guiding entrepreneurs on how to gain access to the market and capture the attention of consumers.

“American wholesalers work with craft and established brands to create access, and the new volume of our playbook illustrates our commitment to helping entrepreneurs get to market and get their product in front of consumers,” says WSWA President & CEO Francis Creighton.

Building upon the success of previous volumes, Access Craft’s Distribution Playbook now includes three new chapters that explore vital topics. These chapters include insights on tapping into new markets and expanding consumer bases, strategies for success in on-premise settings, and a case study focusing on the popular Horse Soldier Bourbon.

With the addition of these new chapters, craft brands seeking to enhance their understanding of the industry can gain valuable knowledge and advice from the Access Craft Advisory Council. The playbook examines the brand-building processes, market expansion techniques, and the significant role of distributor partnerships.

Scott Neil, co-founder of Horse Soldier Bourbon, shared his experiences and lessons learned throughout an in-depth interview with Access Craft. He provides a supplier’s perspective on distributor partnerships, capturing market presence, and the crucial elements of being a strong partner to distributors nationwide.

Craft brands interested in participating in the 2024-2025 Access Craft program can find the application on the Access Craft website. This program offers an exceptional opportunity for brands to receive guidance, support, and industry insights to fuel their growth and success.

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) comprise over 380 member companies across 50 states and the District of Columbia. As the national trade association representing the distribution tier of the wine and spirits industry, WSWA is dedicated to advancing the interests and independence of wine and spirits distributors and brokers. Visit their website to learn more about WSWA and the valuable resources they provide to the industry.

The article discusses the release of Volume 03 of the Distribution Playbook by the Access Craft Advisory Council, a part of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA). This playbook provides trade insights and information for craft brands in the wine and spirits industry. The latest volume includes contributions from craft brand owners and distributors, offering best practices and success stories for entrepreneurs.

In addition to the existing content, the new chapters in Volume 03 explore important topics such as tapping into new markets, succeeding in on-premise settings, and a case study on Horse Soldier Bourbon. These chapters provide valuable knowledge and advice for craft brands looking to expand their understanding of the industry.

One of the key advantages of the Distribution Playbook is that it offers a comprehensive resource for craft brands to navigate the competitive U.S. marketplace. By learning from experts in the field, entrepreneurs can gain insights on market expansion techniques, building strong distributor partnerships, and capturing consumer attention.

A key challenge in the wine and spirits industry is the increasing competition from craft brands. With the rise of consumer interest in niche and artisanal products, craft brands are vying for market share against established brands. The Distribution Playbook provides strategies and tactics to help craft brands differentiate themselves and succeed in this competitive landscape.

In terms of market trends, the wine and spirits industry has seen a continued growth in craft brands. Consumers are increasingly looking for unique and high-quality products, creating opportunities for craft brands to enter the market. This trend is likely to continue, with consumers seeking new and exciting options. Craft brands that can effectively target these consumer preferences have a higher chance of success.

Another trend in the industry is the emphasis on on-premise settings, such as bars and restaurants. Craft brands that can establish a presence in these locations can benefit from increased visibility and consumer exposure. Volume 03 of the Distribution Playbook offers strategies for success in this specific market segment.

Looking ahead, there are also controversies associated with the industry. One such controversy is the ongoing debate over the three-tier system, which governs the distribution of alcohol in the United States. Some argue that the system restricts competition and hinders the growth of craft brands, while others believe it provides necessary safeguards for consumers. This debate and its potential impact on craft brands is a key issue to consider.

In conclusion, the Access Craft Advisory Council’s Distribution Playbook offers valuable insights and information for craft brands in the wine and spirits industry. It provides guidance on market expansion, distributor partnerships, and success in on-premise settings. Craft brands can utilize this resource to navigate the competitive marketplace, tap into new markets, and capture consumer attention.

You can learn more about the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America and their resources on their website: WSWA website.