NYU Langone Health Welcomes New Director of Midwifery Services


Eugenia Montesinos, a highly experienced certified nurse-midwife (CNM), has recently been appointed as the inaugural director of midwifery services at Tisch Hospital, within NYU Langone Health. In her new role, Montesinos will oversee a team of six midwives based in Manhattan, while also working closely with the midwives at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn. Her involvement will be vital in expanding midwifery services throughout the health system.

The role of midwives extends far beyond medical provision. Montesinos affirms that they are also supporters, confidants, and advocates for the women they serve. At NYU Langone Health, the midwives deliver comprehensive care to low-risk pregnant patients, focusing on a holistic approach that addresses mental, physical, and emotional well-being. For high-risk patients, the midwives collaborate with general obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine physicians to provide co-managed care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby.

All deliveries take place at Tisch Hospital and NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, where the midwives prioritize minimal interventions during the childbirth process. However, in the event that a patient requires escalated care, a team of obstetricians, obstetrical safety officers, and maternal–fetal medicine specialists are readily available to assist in their care plan. This collaborative approach ensures a safe delivery while upholding the high standards of NYU Langone Health.

Not only do the midwives provide exceptional pregnancy care, but they also offer routine gynecologic care to women throughout their lifespan. Services include wellness visits, pelvic exams, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic conditions, preventive care, screenings for cancer and sexually transmitted infections, and perimenopause and menopause care. Additionally, all midwives hold faculty appointments through the prestigious NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, contributing to the education and training of future generations of midwives.

Eugenia Montesinos, CNM, brings over two decades of experience to her new role. Having attended over 1,300 births, she is dedicated to setting new standards of excellence in maternal care. Her commitment extends beyond NYU Langone Health, as she remains passionate about reducing health disparities and addressing the maternal mortality crisis in New York City.

As NYU Langone Health welcomes Eugenia Montesinos, CNM, as the director of midwifery services, they reaffirm their commitment to providing exceptional, compassionate, and holistic care to women throughout their reproductive journey.

While the article provides an overview of Eugenia Montesinos’ appointment as the director of midwifery services at NYU Langone Health, there are some additional facts and information that could be supplemented. Here’s a discussion and analysis of current market trends, forecasts, key challenges, and controversies associated with midwifery services:

Market Trends:
1. Increasing Demand: There is a growing demand for midwifery services as more women seek personalized, holistic, and patient-centered care during their reproductive journey.
2. Integration of Midwifery Services: Healthcare systems, including NYU Langone Health, are recognizing the value of midwives in improving maternal and neonatal outcomes, leading to the integration and expansion of midwifery services within hospitals.
3. Home Birth Option: Some midwives offer home birth services, catering to women who prefer a non-hospital setting and a more natural childbirth experience. However, this option may not be available within NYU Langone Health.

1. Increased Collaboration: We can expect to see further collaboration between midwives and obstetricians or maternal-fetal medicine specialists to provide comprehensive and co-managed care for high-risk patients, ensuring optimal outcomes for both mother and baby.
2. Midwives in Telehealth: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth services. It is likely that midwives will continue to incorporate telehealth into their practice, allowing for remote consultations, monitoring, and support for women during and after pregnancy.

Key Challenges and Controversies:
1. Scope of Practice: There may be ongoing debates regarding the scope of practice for midwives, particularly in terms of performing certain medical procedures or interventions. Balancing the autonomy of midwives with collaborative care models can pose challenges.
2. Insurance Coverage: Some insurance plans may not fully cover midwifery services or may have limited reimbursement policies, making it difficult for some women to access midwifery care.
3. Professional Recognition: Midwives have been advocating for recognition as primary care providers and for greater inclusion in mainstream healthcare systems. This may involve addressing barriers related to licensure, regulation, and professional acknowledgment.

1. Holistic Care: Midwives emphasize a holistic approach to pregnancy and gynecologic care, focusing on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of women.
2. Patient-Centered Approach: Midwives often spend more time with patients, providing individualized attention, education, and support throughout the reproductive journey.
3. Lower Intervention Rates: Research suggests that midwifery-led care is associated with lower rates of medical intervention during childbirth, such as cesarean sections, leading to potential cost savings and improved outcomes.

1. Limited Availability: Midwifery services may not be readily available in all healthcare settings or geographic areas, making it challenging for some women to access this type of care.
2. High-Risk Patients: While midwives can co-manage high-risk pregnancies, complex medical conditions may require specialized care from obstetricians or maternal-fetal medicine specialists.
3. Perception and Stigma: In some instances, midwifery care may be associated with outdated stereotypes or misconceptions, which can impact the acceptance and utilization of midwifery services.

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