New Opportunity for HTZ Investors to Participate in Securities Fraud Lawsuit


A recent class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of investors who purchased securities of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HTZ) between April 27, 2023 and April 24, 2024. The lawsuit alleges that Hertz made false and misleading statements regarding the financial impact of vehicle depreciation and the demand for electric vehicles (EVs). It is claimed that Hertz had too many vehicles in its fleet, including EVs, which affected its profitability.

Investors who purchased Hertz securities during this period may be entitled to compensation without the need for any out-of-pocket fees or costs. To join the class action lawsuit, interested individuals can visit the following link: []( or contact Phillip Kim, Esq. toll-free at 866-767-3653 or email [email protected].

It is important for investors to select qualified counsel with a track record of success in leadership roles. The Rosen Law Firm, which is handling this lawsuit, has a strong reputation and has achieved significant settlements in securities class actions. They have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors and have been recognized by reputable legal publications.

It is worth noting that until the class is certified, investors are not represented by counsel unless they choose to retain one. Investors have the option to select their preferred counsel or remain an absent class member.

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Investors are reminded that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome and should consult with legal professionals for personalized advice.

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In addition to the information provided in the article, there are several current market trends, forecasts, and key challenges associated with the subject of the lawsuit against Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. Here are some additional facts:

1. Current Market Trends:
– Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption: The global automotive industry is experiencing a significant shift towards electric vehicles. Increasing environmental concerns and government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions have led to a rising demand for EVs.
– Vehicle Depreciation: The pandemic has affected the automotive industry, leading to a decrease in vehicle values due to reduced demand and an excess supply of vehicles. Vehicle depreciation has become a crucial factor for companies like Hertz facing financial challenges.

2. Forecasts:
– EV Market Growth: The global EV market is projected to witness substantial growth in the coming years. According to market research firm BloombergNEF, EV sales are expected to reach 8.5 million vehicles in 2025, representing a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%.
– Legal Actions: Securities fraud lawsuits, like the one against Hertz, often take time to resolve and can result in significant financial penalties. The outcome of the lawsuit could impact Hertz’s financial situation and investor confidence in the company.

3. Key Challenges and Controversies:
– Financial Impact of Vehicle Depreciation: Hertz’s alleged false and misleading statements regarding vehicle depreciation could have significant financial consequences for the company. It could impact Hertz’s profitability, asset valuation, and ability to generate returns for investors.
– Reputation and Investor Confidence: Securities fraud lawsuits can damage a company’s reputation and investor confidence, potentially leading to a decline in stock value. Restoring trust and rebuilding investor confidence may be a significant challenge for Hertz.

Advantages of Participating:
– Potential Compensation: Investors who purchased Hertz securities during the specified period may be entitled to compensation if the class action lawsuit is successful. Participating in the lawsuit offers the opportunity to recover potential losses.

Disadvantages of Participating:
– Uncertainty of Outcome: Lawsuits can be unpredictable, and the outcome of the case against Hertz is uncertain. It is important to consider that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. There is a risk of not receiving the desired compensation.

For more information on the lawsuit and updates on its progress, interested individuals can visit the Rosen Law Firm’s website or follow their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Note: For legal advice and personalized guidance, it is recommended to consult with legal professionals familiar with the specifics of the case.

Source: [Business Wire](