New Bilingual Book Helps Portuguese-Speaking Adults Learn English Faster


Language-learning innovator Angeline Pompei has released a new bilingual book in her Learn English Fast® series. This Portuguese edition caters specifically to Portuguese speakers and features vocabulary word searches as an engaging and interactive way to learn English. The book provides line-by-line translations, alternating between English and Portuguese, allowing learners to improve their vocabulary through word search activities.

Pompei, the creator of the Learn English Fast® brand, aims to develop instructional materials tailored for adult learners. Her previous book in the series incorporated music to encourage English learning, and this Portuguese edition builds on her comprehensive approach to language acquisition through everyday leisure activities.

The vocabulary word search book is designed to make learning English a fun and enjoyable experience. Pompei’s pedagogical method promotes active spelling practice, enhancing both spelling skills and memory retention. By integrating language learning into leisure time, the book helps alleviate the challenges that adult learners often face when trying to acquire a new language.

Pompei expressed her vision for Learn English Fast®, stating that the book series opens up opportunities for individuals to improve their job prospects and expand their businesses by selling products and services internationally.

The entire Learn English Fast® series currently includes bilingual books in English/Spanish, English/French, English/Polish, English/Italian, and now English/Portuguese. All the resources are available on Amazon, and additional information about the series can be found on Angeline Pompei’s website.

Angeline Pompei is not only a language teacher but also a recording artist and entrepreneur. Her unique approach to teaching languages incorporates music and interactive materials, creating engaging learning experiences for adult learners. In addition to her language books, she has released an album and a songbook that combine language learning with music.

Angeline Pompei operates in the language-learning industry, specifically targeting adult learners. She is the creator of the Learn English Fast® brand, which aims to provide instructional materials tailored for adults looking to improve their English language skills. Pompei’s approach to language acquisition involves incorporating everyday leisure activities, such as music and word searches, into the learning process.

The language-learning industry is a growing market, as more individuals recognize the importance of language skills in today’s globalized world. According to market forecasts, the language-learning market is expected to reach $21.2 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.5% from 2020 to 2027 [source: Adroit Market Research].

One of the main issues in the language-learning industry is the need for effective and engaging teaching materials. Adult language learners often face challenges in finding resources that cater to their specific needs and preferences. Pompei’s approach addresses this issue by incorporating leisure activities into language learning, making it more enjoyable and effective.

By releasing books in different language combinations, Pompei’s Learn English Fast® series caters to a wide range of language learners. The inclusion of a Portuguese edition reflects the demand for English language learning among Portuguese speakers.

For more information about the Learn English Fast® series and Angeline Pompei, visit her website: The resources in the series, including the bilingual books, can be found on Amazon.

Overall, Angeline Pompei’s innovative approach to language learning, which combines music and interactive materials, addresses the needs of adult learners in the language-learning industry. Through her instructional materials, she aims to help individuals improve their job prospects and expand their businesses by selling products and services internationally.