Kura Oncology Supports San Diego Community Through Food and Volunteer Engagement


Kura Oncology, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has partnered with Life Science Cares San Diego to make a significant contribution of $100,000 towards supporting the nutritional needs of the San Diego community. The contribution will specifically aid Life Science Cares’ “Food is Medicine” initiative, as well as their volunteer engagement program to provide food to Feeding San Diego.

A major portion of the funding will be used to provide a grant to local nonprofit Mama’s Kitchen, which focuses on delivering medically tailored meals to critically ill individuals in San Diego. The grant will support the purchase of two electric vehicles that will enable Mama’s Kitchen to deliver meals to those in need when there aren’t enough volunteers available. This comes as Mama’s Kitchen has seen a 120% increase in individuals referred to their Medically Tailored Meals program.

Troy Wilson, Ph.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Kura Oncology, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the local community. He emphasized the importance of supporting organizations like Mama’s Kitchen that provide essential nutrition to vulnerable individuals, stating that Kura Oncology is proud to fulfill this immediate need.

The partnership between Kura Oncology and Life Science Cares has already made a significant impact, expanding the reach of Life Science Cares’ Access to Education grant portfolio and exposing thousands of young people to STEM-based careers. The new contribution from Kura Oncology will further empower Life Science Cares’ Food is Medicine initiative, ensuring that San Diego residents facing malnutrition receive the healthy, nutritious food they need.

Eva Matthews, MPH, Chief Executive Officer of Mama’s Kitchen, expressed deep gratitude for the support from Life Science Cares and Kura Oncology. She highlighted that this donation will allow Mama’s Kitchen to meet the increasing needs of their client base and ensure that more individuals receive the vital nutrition they need for improved health.

In addition to supporting Mama’s Kitchen, Kura Oncology’s grant will also aid Life Science Cares’ volunteer engagement program, with the goal of providing 7,000 pounds of food to Feeding San Diego. This support will make a significant difference in addressing food insecurity among students and families in the region.

The partnership between Kura Oncology and Life Science Cares exemplifies the dedication of the life sciences industry to making a positive impact on local communities. By addressing nutritional needs and encouraging volunteer engagement, this collaboration is disrupting the cycle of poverty and inequality in San Diego.

About Life Science Cares:
Life Science Cares is a nonprofit organization that leverages the resources of the life sciences industry to address poverty and inequality in various communities. With operations in five US life science hubs, Life Science Cares has invested millions of dollars and contributed thousands of volunteer hours to support access to basic needs, education, and opportunities. To learn more, visit their website at https://lifesciencecares.org/.

About Kura Oncology:
Kura Oncology is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing precision medicines for cancer treatment. Their pipeline consists of small molecule drug candidates that target cancer signaling pathways. The company is dedicated to realizing the promise of precision medicine in the fight against cancer. For more information, visit their website at https://kuraoncology.com/.

About Mama’s Kitchen:
Mama’s Kitchen is a nonprofit organization that provides free meals to individuals and families vulnerable to malnutrition due to critical illness. Since its establishment in 1990, Mama’s Kitchen has expanded its Medically Tailored Meal Service program to serve various at-risk populations, including those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart failure, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. With the goal of improving health and well-being, Mama’s Kitchen also offers nutritional counseling services. For more information, visit their website at [insert website].

While the article provides information about Kura Oncology’s partnership with Life Science Cares San Diego and their contribution towards supporting the nutritional needs of the community, there are a few additional facts that can be added to enhance the discussion.

Current market trends:
1. Precision medicine: Kura Oncology is part of the growing precision medicine market, which focuses on developing targeted therapies based on the individual characteristics of patients and their tumors. This approach aims to improve treatment outcomes and minimize side effects.
2. Biopharmaceutical industry growth: The biopharmaceutical industry has been experiencing significant growth, driven by advancements in technology, increased investment in research and development, and a rising demand for innovative treatments for various diseases, including cancer.

1. Market expansion: The precision medicine market is expected to continue expanding as more targeted therapies are developed and approved for the treatment of different types of cancer. This growth is driven by a better understanding of cancer biology and advancements in genomic sequencing technologies.
2. Increased collaboration: Partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations, like the one between Kura Oncology and Life Science Cares San Diego, are likely to increase in the future as companies aim to make a positive impact on local communities and address social determinants of health.

Key challenges and controversies:
1. Access to precision medicines: While precision medicines hold great promise in improving cancer treatment outcomes, there are concerns about the accessibility and affordability of these therapies. High costs and limited insurance coverage may limit access for some patients.
2. Ethical considerations: The development and use of precision medicines raise ethical considerations related to patient privacy, data sharing, and potential disparities in treatment availability, particularly for underserved populations.

Advantages and disadvantages:
– Kura Oncology’s partnership with Life Science Cares San Diego demonstrates their commitment to corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact on the community.
– The grant provided by Kura Oncology to Mama’s Kitchen will support the purchase of electric vehicles, enabling the delivery of meals to those in need, even when there is a shortage of volunteers.
– The collaboration between Kura Oncology and Life Science Cares San Diego expands the reach of access to education programs and exposes young people to STEM-based careers.

– While the contribution from Kura Oncology is significant, addressing long-term food insecurity and malnutrition requires sustained funding and efforts.
– The challenges associated with precision medicine, such as high costs and accessibility, may limit the impact of targeted therapies on broader populations.
– The partnership between Kura Oncology and Life Science Cares, while commendable, may not fully address the underlying systemic issues that contribute to poverty and inequality in San Diego.

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