Investors Urged to Submit Losses as SSR Mining Faces Securities Fraud Class Action


Law firm Hagens Berman is urging investors in SSR Mining Inc. (NASDAQ: SSRM) who have suffered substantial losses to submit their losses by the May 17, 2024, deadline. The firm is taking action following a series of negative news stories for SSR Mining, including the sudden departure of its Chief Financial Officer, Alison White, on March 7, 2024. This departure resulted in a significant drop in SSR’s share price, which was already down by nearly 55% since February 12, 2024, due to reports of a catastrophic event at the company’s gold mine in Eastern Turkey.

Along with the suspension of operations and regulatory backlash in Turkey, the landslide triggered a securities class action against SSR Mining and its senior management. The lawsuit alleges that the company made misleading statements and failed to disclose its unsafe mining practices, which were likely to result in a mining disaster. The investigation revealed that on February 13, 2024, a devastating landslide occurred at SSR’s Çöpler mine, resulting in the disappearance of nine workers and concerns of contamination of a nearby river.

These events have caused a sharp decline in SSR Mining’s securities, leading to losses for investors. Hagens Berman is particularly interested in investigating CFO White’s departure and whether SSR intentionally misled investors about its commitment to safety. The law firm is encouraging anyone who has invested in SSR Mining and has substantial losses or information relevant to the investigation to come forward.

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SSR Mining Inc. operates in the mining industry, specifically in the extraction of gold and other precious metals. The company’s main operations are centered around its Çöpler gold mine in Eastern Turkey. The gold mining industry is a significant sector within the global mining industry, valued at billions of dollars.

Market forecasts for the gold mining industry suggest a positive outlook due to increasing demand for gold as a safe-haven investment and jewelry. The COVID-19 pandemic has also driven up demand for gold as a hedge against economic uncertainty.

However, the industry also faces several challenges and issues. Environmental concerns related to mining practices, such as contamination of water bodies and land degradation, have been a cause for criticism and regulatory scrutiny. Mining accidents and disasters can have severe repercussions on a company’s reputation and financial performance.

In the case of SSR Mining, the catastrophic event at its Çöpler mine has led to operational suspension and regulatory backlash in Turkey. The landslide triggered by unsafe mining practices resulted in the disappearance of workers and concerns of contamination of a nearby river. These issues have caused a significant decline in SSR Mining’s securities and subsequent losses for investors.

The securities class action lawsuit against SSR Mining and its senior management alleges that the company misled investors by making misleading statements and failing to disclose the unsafe mining practices that could lead to a mining disaster. The departure of SSR Mining’s CFO, Alison White, has also raised suspicions regarding the company’s commitment to safety.

Investors who have suffered substantial losses in SSR Mining are urged to submit their losses to Hagens Berman, a global law firm specializing in complex litigation. The firm aims to hold corporations accountable for their actions and is specifically interested in investigating CFO White’s departure and any intentional misleading of investors by SSR Mining.

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