Introducing Thematic Conversational Analytics: Unlocking the Power of Customer Feedback


Thematic, an innovative analytics company, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking tool, Conversational Analytics (CA). This powerful AI-driven solution provides businesses with deep insights from customer conversations. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of conversations, Thematic enables companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and trends.

Traditionally, businesses faced challenges in extracting valuable insights from support and sales conversations. With LLMs (large language models), Thematic’s Conversational Analytics revolutionizes the way companies leverage these conversations. It enables businesses to analyze conversations in real-time across multiple channels and derive hidden insights.

Thematic’s solution goes beyond simple keyword or phrase analysis. Using a hierarchy of AI models, Conversational Analytics summarizes each conversation, identifies themes, customer intent, and categorizes resolutions. This AI-powered tool also links specific excerpts to the conversation summaries, providing additional context.

Unique to Thematic’s approach is the human-in-the-loop validation process. After the AI analysis, a human reviewer refines the categorizations using Thematic’s intuitive Theme Editor tool, ensuring accurate and reliable results. This combination of AI and human expertise sets Thematic Conversational Analytics apart from other traditional AI models.

Thematic’s focus on security and compliance makes it an ideal choice for enterprise organizations. With no need for extensive training or coding, businesses can effortlessly connect their conversation sources and let the AI analyze the data. Thematic’s mission is to provide insights from feedback to decision-makers, and Conversational Analytics brings this mission to life.

Leading companies like DoorDash, Atlassian, Woolworths, and LinkedIn have already partnered with Thematic to gain valuable insights from customer feedback at scale. With the beta version of Conversational Analytics now available, businesses can unlock the power of customer conversations and make data-informed decisions.

Experience the future of customer feedback analysis with Thematic Conversational Analytics. Gain a deep understanding of your customers, identify trends, and drive meaningful business insights like never before.

Adding facts not mentioned in the article:

1. Current market trends: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the value of customer feedback in driving business decision-making. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of understanding customer needs and preferences to stay competitive in the market.

2. Forecasts: The global conversational analytics market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the market is projected to reach USD 17.4 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.5% during the forecast period.

3. Key challenges and controversies: One key challenge associated with conversational analytics is the need for accurate and reliable data. Customer conversations can be complex and diverse, making it challenging to extract meaningful insights. There is also a privacy concern when analyzing customer conversations, as companies need to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Advantages of Thematic Conversational Analytics:

1. Comprehensive understanding of customer needs: Thematic’s Conversational Analytics provides businesses with deep insights from customer conversations, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and preferences.

2. Real-time analysis across multiple channels: Unlike traditional methods, Thematic’s solution enables businesses to analyze conversations in real-time across multiple communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, and social media.

3. AI-powered hierarchical analysis: Thematic’s AI models go beyond simple keyword or phrase analysis. The solution uses a hierarchy of AI models to summarize conversations, identify themes, customer intent, and categorize resolutions, providing a more in-depth analysis.


1. Reliance on AI models: While Thematic’s AI-powered solution is advanced, there is still a certain level of reliance on the accuracy and performance of the AI models. Inaccurate analysis may lead to flawed insights.

2. Privacy concerns: Analyzing customer conversations raises privacy concerns, as businesses need to ensure that they are compliant with data protection regulations and maintain the privacy of their customers’ information.

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