Introducing the SmokeShield: Protecting Your Clothes While Smoking


Smoking enthusiasts rejoice! A new invention has hit the market, aimed at safeguarding your favorite garments from hot ashes, burn holes, and unsightly stains. The SmokeShield, a revolutionary smoking bib, offers a simple yet effective solution to protect your clothing while indulging in your favorite tobacco products.

The visionary behind this innovative accessory, who hails from Los Angeles, California, was inspired by personal experiences of burning holes in expensive clothing items. Determined to find a solution, the inventor created the SmokeShield, a patent-pending design that provides a fire-resistant barrier between hot ashes and your lap or chest.

Not only does the SmokeShield offer unparalleled protection, but it also doubles as a storage solution for all your smoking essentials. With compartments designed to hold cigars, cigarettes, blunts, lighters, rolling papers, pipes, and other paraphernalia, this accessory is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast on the go.

The compact and portable design of the SmokeShield ensures easy use and convenience. Whether you’re at home, in a social setting, or on the move, the SmokeShield is designed to accompany you wherever your smoking adventures take you. A prototype model is available upon request, allowing you to experience firsthand the benefits of this game-changing invention.

For those interested in bringing the SmokeShield to market, the invention is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, reach out to InventHelp’s Los Angeles sales office at Dept. 22-LAX-1638, located at 100 Beecham Drive, Suite 110, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9801. Alternatively, you can call (412) 288-1300, ext. 1368. Discover the possibilities of InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services by visiting their official website at

Don’t let burnt holes and unsightly stains ruin your smoking experience. Embrace the SmokeShield and enjoy your favorite tobacco products worry-free, knowing that your precious garments are protected. Stay stylish, stay smoke-friendly, and stay ahead of the game with the SmokeShield.

While the article provides an overview of the SmokeShield and its benefits, there are several additional facts, current market trends, and key challenges associated with the subject that were not mentioned.

1. Current Market Trends:
– Health and safety concerns: As smoking awareness and health risks associated with smoking increase, there is a growing trend among smokers to seek solutions that minimize harm, such as the SmokeShield.
– Customizable options: Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized smoking accessories that cater to their individual preferences and styles. Manufacturers could consider offering customizable options for the SmokeShield design.
– Environmental consciousness: In recent years, there has been a shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly products in various industries. Manufacturers could explore using sustainable materials in the production of SmokeShield to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Forecasts:
– Growing demand: With the recent surge in smoking enthusiasts and the desire to protect expensive clothing items, the SmokeShield has the potential for significant market growth. As more people discover and embrace the product, sales are likely to increase.
– Shifting smoking habits: The smoking landscape is evolving with the rise of alternatives such as e-cigarettes and vaping. However, there remains a sizable portion of the population who still enjoy traditional tobacco products, creating an ongoing demand for accessories like the SmokeShield.

3. Key Challenges/Controversies:
– Regulations and legal restrictions: Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be specific regulations regarding smoking accessories that manufacturers and marketers of the SmokeShield must navigate.
– Ethical concerns: Smoking is a topic with ethical implications due to its health risks. The SmokeShield, while offering protection for clothing, may still be seen as promoting or enabling a harmful habit. This can lead to controversy and criticism from certain groups or individuals.

Advantages of the SmokeShield:
– Protection for clothing: The primary advantage of the SmokeShield is its ability to safeguard garments from burn holes, hot ashes, and stains, ensuring that smoking enthusiasts can enjoy their tobacco products without worrying about damaging their clothing.
– Convenient storage: The SmokeShield’s compartments for smoking essentials provide added convenience, allowing users to have all their smoking accessories in one place while on the go.
– Compact and portable design: The compact and portable nature of the SmokeShield makes it easy to carry and use in various settings, offering versatility for smokers.

Disadvantages of the SmokeShield:
– Limited market: The SmokeShield caters to a specific niche market of smoking enthusiasts. While this market is substantial, the product may not appeal to those who have switched to alternative smoking methods or non-smokers.
– Ethical concerns: As mentioned before, the SmokeShield may face criticism for promoting smoking, which can be a disadvantage in terms of public perception and social acceptance.

For more information on the SmokeShield and its inventor, interested readers can visit the official website of InventHelp at This website provides details about the invention submission services and potentially licensing or sale opportunities for manufacturers or marketers.