INNIO Group Wins iF Design Award for Brand Identity


INNIO Group, a leading energy solution and service provider, has been honored with the iF DESIGN AWARD in the Company Branding and Film/Video categories. The award, presented by the oldest independent design institution in the world, recognizes INNIO Group’s impressive visualization of their guiding principle “Moving energy forward.”

With approximately 11,000 submissions from 72 countries, the competition for this year’s design awards was fierce. The international jury of experts recognized INNIO Group’s strong and consistent brand identity that optimally meets the needs of their stakeholders.

INNIO Group collaborated with MetaDesign, an international branding and design agency, to develop the new brand strategy. The brand identity extends across global communication channels, conveying the company’s commitment to driving the energy transition and empowering communities and industries to transition to sustainable energy management.

Dr. Olaf Berlien, the president and CEO of INNIO Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the award, stating that it reinforces the company’s position at the center of the energy transition. He emphasized that the new brand identity enables customers to recognize their role in the movement and change towards sustainable energy practices.

This prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD follows on the heels of INNIO Group’s previous win of the Red Dot Award in November 2023. The recognition of their appealing brand identity further solidifies the company’s commitment to excellence in design.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, known since 1954 for honoring outstanding design achievements, is one of the most important design prizes in the world. The award celebrates excellence across various disciplines, including product, packaging, communication, and service design.

About INNIO Group:
INNIO Group is a global energy solution and service provider, offering innovative solutions for power generation and compression. With their brands Jenbacher and Waukesha, along with their digital platform myPlant, INNIO Group supports industries and communities in generating and managing energy sustainably. The company is headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, and has operations in the United States and Canada. INNIO Group’s flexible and scalable energy solutions enable customers to navigate the changing energy landscape and manage the energy transition effectively.

INNIO Group operates in the global energy industry as a leading energy solution and service provider. They offer innovative solutions for power generation and compression, supporting industries and communities in generating and managing energy sustainably. INNIO Group’s brands, Jenbacher and Waukesha, along with their digital platform myPlant, enable customers to navigate the changing energy landscape and effectively manage the energy transition.

The energy industry is undergoing significant changes as countries and companies around the world aim to transition to sustainable energy practices. Governments are implementing policies and regulations to promote renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. This shift towards renewable energy creates opportunities and challenges for companies operating in the industry.

According to market forecasts, the global renewable energy market is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years. Factors such as increasing energy demand, declining costs of renewable technologies, and growing awareness of the environmental impacts of fossil fuels are driving the adoption of renewable energy sources.

However, the industry also faces challenges. One of the main issues is the intermittency of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. The variable nature of these sources makes it necessary to develop efficient energy storage solutions to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply.

Another challenge is the integration of renewable energy into existing infrastructure. Upgrading and modernizing energy grids to accommodate the decentralized nature of renewable energy generation requires significant investments and coordination.

To stay competitive in the industry, companies like INNIO Group need to continuously innovate and develop new technologies that improve the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy solutions. Collaboration with design agencies, like their partnership with MetaDesign, helps in creating strong and consistent brand identities that reflect their commitment to sustainable energy management.

For more information about INNIO Group and their energy solutions, you can visit their official website: INNIO Group.

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