Guide Sensmart Enhances Chip R&D and Production to Cultivate New Momentum for Development


China’s leading media outlet, People’s Daily, recently featured an article on its front page titled “Climb ‘High’ to ‘New’ and Cultivate New Momentum for Development.” The article highlighted the new achievements of Guide Sensmart in chip R&D and production.

Guide Sensmart, a dedicated technology innovator, has built a leading research, development, and production system for the entire infrared industry chain, ranging from infrared components to comprehensive optoelectronic systems. Over the years, the company has achieved significant milestones:

– In 2014, it started mass production of uncooled infrared detectors.
– In 2015, it began mass production of cooled infrared detectors.
– In 2017, it successfully developed high-performance cooled monochrome megapixel infrared detection chips.
– In 2021, it introduced and produced megapixel dual-color dual-band infrared detectors.
– In January 2024, the project “Key Technologies and Industrialization of High-performance Infrared Detection Chips Manufacturing” passed the expert panel review of the academy.

Equipped with self-developed infrared detection chips, Guide Sensmart offers a range of devices, software, and solutions to its customers. These solutions find applications in various sectors such as energy, security monitoring, industrial surveillance, smart homes, and outdoor night vision.

One notable achievement of Guide Sensmart is the development of an intelligent thermal online monitoring system for a thermal power plant. This system, based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and large models (LM), significantly improves inspection efficiency and provides more convenience to personnel. The F&E leader, Cui, explained that previously, personnel had to inspect hundreds of points in the power plant, which often took several days. Now, with the new system, inspection personnel can monitor the status of all devices in real time from the control center.

Guide Sensmart will continue to focus on technological innovation and utilize infrared technology to meet customer needs and provide more professional, efficient, and convenient solutions.

Guide Sensmart manufactures systematic infrared thermal imaging products and has a distribution and service network that spans over 70 countries and regions worldwide.

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Guide Sensmart operates in the infrared industry, which encompasses the development and production of infrared components and optoelectronic systems. With a comprehensive infrared industry chain, the company covers a wide range of products, from infrared detectors to complete thermal imaging solutions.

The infrared industry has experienced significant growth and technological advancements in recent years. Market forecasts indicate a promising future for the industry, with increasing demand for infrared technology in various sectors. The global infrared imaging market is projected to reach a value of $10.62 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2019 to 2026.

One of the key issues related to the infrared industry is the need for continuous innovation. As technology evolves, customers require more advanced and specialized solutions. Guide Sensmart addresses this by focusing on technological innovation and utilizing infrared technology to meet customer needs. Their dedication to research and development has allowed them to achieve significant milestones, such as the production of high-performance infrared detection chips and the introduction of megapixel dual-color dual-band infrared detectors.

Another notable issue in the industry is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and large models (LM) into infrared systems. Guide Sensmart has successfully developed an intelligent thermal online monitoring system for thermal power plants, which relies on AI algorithms and LM to enhance inspection efficiency. This development not only improves the effectiveness of power plant inspections but also provides real-time monitoring capabilities from a central control center, reducing the time and effort required for manual inspections.

Guide Sensmart’s distribution and service network spans over 70 countries and regions, indicating the global reach and demand for their infrared thermal imaging products. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, Guide Sensmart remains committed to providing professional, efficient, and convenient solutions to its customers.

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