Consero Global Promotes David Sawatzky to CEO


Consero Global, the leader in Finance as a Service (FaaS), has announced the promotion of its Chief Operating Officer (COO), David Sawatzky, to the position of CEO. Sawatzky’s promotion comes as the company aims to digitally transform its current solution by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. The goal is to create a disruptive offering that upgrades the quality and timeliness of clients’ information, while also providing more strategic guidance.

Consero Global has been implementing a number of initiatives to support its growth and better serve its clients. It recently launched its Advisory Services practice, which offers CFO Services, FP&A and Reporting, and Technical Accounting and Clean-Up Projects. The company also introduced Flex Finance, a FaaS offering that allows clients to maintain their own technology systems while benefiting from Consero’s delivery expertise.

Sawatzky, who has served in senior executive roles at major digital services companies, including 3Pillar, Genpact, and IBM, possesses the expertise necessary to lead Consero into its next phase. Scott Tynes, one of the company’s founders, expressed confidence in Sawatzky, highlighting his skills and the increasing importance of technology-driven solutions in Consero’s line of business.

In recent years, Consero Global has pursued strategic acquisitions to expand its reach and offerings. These acquisitions include BTQ Financial, Positive Venture Group, and BridgeView CFO, which have helped the company extend its presence in nonprofit organizations, broaden its geographic reach, and provide additional payroll and HR services to the investment management community.

Consero Global is also prioritizing the upgrade of its tech capabilities by building a team of software engineers. The aim is to deliver a solution that provides clients with the information they need at the push of a button, while still maintaining a strong service component.

Founded in 2006, Consero Global is focused on disrupting and improving the way businesses build and maintain their finance and accounting functions. Its cloud-based platform offers financial clarity and efficiency, enabling strategic executives to better understand and steer their businesses towards success. With over 350 clients and the support of BV Investment Partners, Consero Global is dedicated to providing control and insight to drive business growth.

Consero Global operates in the Finance as a Service (FaaS) industry. FaaS is a growing sector that provides financial solutions and services to businesses, allowing them to outsource finance and accounting functions. It helps companies streamline their financial operations while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for cost-effective and specialized financial services. With the advancements in technology, companies like Consero Global are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to provide more accurate and timely financial information to their clients.

Market forecasts indicate that the FaaS industry will continue to expand, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX% over the next few years. This growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of cloud-based financial platforms, the need for better financial insights, and the ongoing digital transformation across various industries.

However, the FaaS industry also faces several challenges. One of the major concerns is data security and privacy, as financial information is sensitive and requires robust protection. Companies in this industry need to invest in advanced security measures and comply with regulations to ensure the confidentiality of their clients’ data.

Another issue is the need to constantly innovate and stay ahead of the competition. As more players enter the market, differentiation becomes crucial. Companies like Consero Global are investing in building their tech capabilities and developing innovative solutions to provide their clients with a competitive edge.

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In conclusion, Consero Global operates in the growing Finance as a Service industry. With its focus on leveraging AI and analytics, the company aims to disrupt and improve the way businesses manage their finance and accounting functions. As the industry continues to evolve, Consero Global is strategically expanding its reach through acquisitions and enhancing its tech capabilities to meet the changing demands of its clients.